Is it possible to play a snooker game on a table made for pool?

The easy answer is yes, you can.

However, there are some adjustments that you must make for this to be possible.

The Art Of Conversion

The first step is to convert the table.

Thus can be done by drawing dots and lines that are in the pattern of the rules of snooker. You can easily draw them, or get an expert to draw it in for you. Make sure that you understand what you are doing and confirm the right patterns before you begin.

To do this, you need:

  • A marker (it should be permanent) – use a marker that matches the color of the felt on your table.
  • Pen – use a pen to draw the first lines on the table, before you go over it with a marker
  • A Snooker Stick – use a snooker stick as a marker for the various D sizes on the table

Snooker Balls:

One of the things to note when using a table for pool to play snooker is that you will need a smaller size of snooker balls.

Snooker tables are bigger than pool tables. When using a smaller sized table, use smaller sized balls of 5cm in diameter. They are available in most brands and pool stores.

Can You Play Pool On A Table For Snooker?

Yes, you can.

Just as you can play snooker on a table for pool, you can also switch it up and play pool on a snooker table.

Follow the markings of the table for pool, and enjoy your game.

However, you must note that the game would not be as enjoyable as when you’re playing on the original table made for the game.