Each sport has their own jargons or terminologies in their own field which you can Find at Billiard is one of the most famous sports worldwide, but not all of its terms are that exposed to the public. If you think you’ve heard all the fancy billiard terms there is, think again as you might be amazed to find these words you haven’t heard before:
Machine Gun
This happens when a ball was shot and rapidly hits all the other balls creating a sound similar to what machine guns do. The …

CBD a Better Painkiller for Athletes

Buying and trying CBD oil is now making a buzz among athletes. CBD stands for Cannabidiol and is a compound found in cannabis. CBD is not psychotropic and non-addictive, unlike its close relative, Marijuana. It is said to offer many health benefits for the human mind and body.
As of the moment, CBD oil which derived from Cannabidiol is gaining more and more attention. It is popular among athletes as it is said to be a better painkiller. It is also a good choice for pain management since aside from relieving one from the pain, it has other health …


When a stake is involved, the game becomes much more exciting – imagine the excitement and anxiety Hawkins and Perry felt as they competed against each other in the semi-finals for Masters game.
Hawkins and Perry haven’t had much luck in winning games. Hawkins first win in a match was at 36 years old, only for him to face a roaring defeat in the finals to O’Sullivan. Perry’s first win was2 2015, after 24 years of playing professionally.
Hawkins and Perry are good friends who get on very well and have gotten rather close …


Hamilton won in the game against Bingham in the Masters game.
It was not an easy feat, and the game was outstanding to watch, many switched over from the golf.
Next, he is to compete against Carter, who won his last game against Gould with a better scoring than Hamilton.
Carter played very well despite his health issues, however, Hamilton was declared the winner.
This is Hamilton’s 26th professional year, but despite his great game, he was unable to snatch a title, making him well-known as the most skilled …


O’Sullivan paid tribute to Hunter following his 7th win of the grand title in Masters.
Hunter was tragically killed 10 years ago at the young age of 27. He was a professional that brought a combination of beauty and skill to the game. His skill was one of a kind, only similarly matched by O’Sullivan, who broke a record with 7 titles in a row.
O’Sullivan’s trophy was named in Hunter’s honor, a touching and fitting gesture. It was presented by Hunter’s father, Alan.
Hunter was a darling to his fans, full of life and a winner of the …