Billiard Terminologies You Haven’t Heard Before


Each sport has their own jargons or terminologies in their own field which you can Find at Billiard is one of the most famous sports worldwide, but not all of its terms are that exposed to the public. If you think you’ve heard all the fancy billiard terms there is, think again as you might be amazed to find these words you haven’t heard before:

Machine Gun

This happens when a ball was shot and rapidly hits all the other balls creating a sound similar to what machine guns do. The terminology for this move was first mentioned on Yank Adams’ match in 1916.

Plant Shot

This shot happens when the cue ball hits two balls that went on opposing holes at the same time.

Railroad Shot

This happens when the cue ball grooves around and along with the poles before hitting its target. Its name was said to be related to how the ball moves around the pool – like a train on a railroad.

Postman’s Knock

This move got its name from the very sound it can produce – a knock. This happens when the cue ball hit a ball near the table wood and it bounces back before falling into its hole.

Pendulum Cannon

This happens when the cue ball gets to hit other balls in a circular motion and in perfect sequence. Mostly, when a pendulum cannon move happens, it is a hit that ends the game.

Behind the Back

This term actually pertains to a movement a player does when dealing with hard to reach ball positions. “Behind the Back” is what the player does when he turns his back on the table and slides the pole on his back as a strategic technique of shooting balls. This billiard move was known for this name since the late 1970s.

Aside from these, there are also other terminologies used in the said sport such as:

Love Game

It is a term mentioned by the audience as a cue when a player fails to score. It is also known as the Shutout.


This happens when shots go fast – one after the other – causing disturbance against the other balls.

Air Gun

This is a layman’s term being used to describe a boastful and aggressive player who ran out of money but is still into the game.


This is usually mentioned in custom small-town matches where the stronger pool player is the one to give more money than the weaker pool player.


This term is used to tease a player who has lost a point from winning.


This refers to a pre-arranged agreement between two or more players that whatever happens after the match, they will share some of the prize money. This usually happens in friendly matches.

Sell Out

This term is used when a player has lost his chance to shoot out and left an open window to the opponent.


This term is also known as the ‘Hustler’. This is used to refer to a player who shows-off that he is good at playing to acquire more bets.

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