Hawkins And Perry Bet On Their Pride And 40,000 Pounds

When a stake is involved, the game becomes much more exciting – imagine the excitement and anxiety Hawkins and Perry felt as they competed against each other in the semi-finals for Masters game.

Hawkins and Perry haven’t had much luck in winning games. Hawkins first win in a match was at 36 years old, only for him to face a roaring defeat in the finals to O’Sullivan. Perry’s first win was2 2015, after 24 years of playing professionally.

Hawkins and Perry are good friends who get on very well and have gotten rather close during their tours.

Excitement and nervousness are present in both professionals as the date of game approaches. Although they do not enjoy having to compete with each other, they are grateful that at least one of them will proceed to the finals.

They are looking onwards in good faith, each one hoping to carry home the grand prize, but each ready to concede and congratulate the other if he doesn’t win.

This match is equally important to both as it will determine who will proceed to the finals to win the grand prize, as well as bringing a big breakthrough to their career. It will be a test of focus, heart and determination, and perhaps, friendship.

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