Hamilton’s Opportunity To Rid Bad Reputation

Hamilton won in the game against Bingham in the Masters game.

It was not an easy feat, and the game was outstanding to watch, many switched over from the golf.

Next, he is to compete against Carter, who won his last game against Gould with a better scoring than Hamilton.

Carter played very well despite his health issues, however, Hamilton was declared the winner.

This is Hamilton’s 26th professional year, but despite his great game, he was unable to snatch a title, making him well-known as the most skilled player without a title – a description than nobody wants to have.

The reason Hamilton has remained without titles is most definitely complex, and a curious issue to look into.

Others have come up with reasons like perhaps he has a confidence deficiency or a feeling of inferiority to other players.

Whatever the reason is, and despite his lack of achievements, Hamilton has always given his best and been a worthy opponent.

He has many qualities that make him endearing, including his carefree attitude about his image, and refreshing honesty.

Perhaps this is his year to a title and mark an end to his former reputation.

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