Cues For Pool Vs. Cues For Snooker

The cues used to play snooker and pool are so similar that most people cannot tell their differences. You need to know the cue you’re holding so that you are not playing with the wrong one.

Here are some differences between the cues in snooker and the cues in pool:

Cue Tips

The main differentiating factor is that the cue tip in snooker is smaller than the one in pool, as the balls are smaller in size as well. The cue tips in snooker are 9mm. The cue tips in pool are 12mm.

Cue Weights

The cues used in snooker weigh significantly less than those for pool. Because the balls in snooker are not as heavy as those in pool, not as much power needs to be imputed to each shot. Pool cues are heavier to give the player the extra force to move the balls.

Cue Size

The sizes and the lengths of the cues are similar at 144 cm.

What The Cues Are Made Of

The material each cue is made of depends on where it was made. Check the type of wood each cue is made off before purchase to make sure that it is something you are comfortable with.

Always look at cues carefully before purchasing or playing with them. The main difference is the tips, which correlates with the ball sizes, but that one difference alone can be what makes you lose a game, so always be careful so you do not mix the two cues.

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