Tables For Pool Vs. Tables For Snooker

It can be hard for a beginner to tell the difference between pool and snooker tables. They are both rather outwardly similar but knowing how to tell which is which can save you embarrassment because the rules for both games are not exactly the same.

Here are some of their significant differences:

The Snooker Table Is Larger

The table for snooker is significantly wider than the one used for pool. It may be 3 to 3.6 meters long,  depending on where it was made. Meanwhile, the table for pool is approximately 2 meters long.

You may find longer tables for pool; these are usually especially customized.

The Snooker Table Is Shorter

Tables for pool generally have longer legs than those for snooker, so you don’t have to bend as deeply as you would for snooker.

The Pool Table Has Bigger Balls And Pockets

There are 6 pockets present in a pool table, one on each side and two on each middle area. The pockets present in pool have to be larger than those in snooker because the balls are larger too.

There are also 6 pockets present in tables for snooker, in the same order as the pool. The pockets are curvier, and more precision and skill is required for the balls to enter the pockets and to master the game.

At the end of the day, both snooker and pool are very similar. They are both cue games and are very enjoyable to play.

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